Palm Sunday Mass

Charlie has a way of insisting that we go to Mass when we travel, wherever we are and regardless of the busy schedule, so Sunday morning in San Francisco after six hours of sleep was no different. One year we enjoyed the Cathedral in Strasbourg France for Palm Sunday followed by Easter Sunday Mass at Notre Dame in Paris, and in 2009 we enjoyed Palm Sunday in St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney.

In Burlingame, a pretty residential suburb of San Francisco, the highlight was processing down the street with parishioners, the priest and a real donkey. The priest had his left hand wrapped around a short lead, and his right arm in a headlock around the donkey’s neck. The donkey did a perfect job, with no objections to the trumpets that blared a refrain and a church full of people. He even marched down the center aisle of the church! It reminded me of the time when Erin and I attended Easter Sunday Mass in La Quercia, a little country town north of Rome, and a bleating lamb was less sure of its role as it was brought to the altar in a basket at the beginning of Mass.

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