Take Delta next time

OK. On advice from my friend Bill, the pilot, I apologize for criticizing the USAirways pilot for his decision not to fly the aircraft with dents in it (most likely from hail) but I will clarify that my vow never to fly that airline again holds, due to the surly flight attendant and gate agent. I’ll be quick not to dwell on the negative… passengers were stressed after a completely unexpected three-hour delay and poor communication. We were told to exit the aircraft and wait for an announcement on a new gate. The first announcement was, “Stop blocking the airport.”  Then, we got a new gate and were told just as soon as the plane was cleaned and serviced with food, we would reboard. Well, a few hours later they announced that the cleaning crew had JUST arrived!  There were three young men with Apple laptops sitting in a row, and you should have seen all three faces make, “Oh my God” expressions. Next we are boarding, and for some reason we are in zone 5, but they announced if you have a Silver Preferred USAirways Visa Card, you can board with zone 2. So we did, until the gate agent snagged me like a red handed criminal and verballed threw me against the wall. I have a USAirways Visa Card, I begged, as Charlie sneaked off down the jetway. But it isn’t printed on your boarding pass, so get over there, she replied nastily. Lucky that I bolted for the line when they announced zone 5, because shortly after I had been cleared to board, the nasty agent made the remaining passengers check all carry on bags. A few minutes later, some of these unhappy passengers remarked at the open space in the overhead bins when they were making their way to their seats. They expressed their consternation to the flight attendant standing near us. “Do you WANT to be on this airplane?!” she shouted at them angrily.  (As Charlie whispered to me,  we did three hours ago…) All of us in earshot were speechless with what looked like an imminent fist fight and passenger ejection until another passenger defused the tension with the comment, “Come on! This delay has been long enough!” Animosity lingered in the air. This was 9 pm. We landed in SFO at 3 am (EDT) and finally fell into bed at the Hyatt at 5 am. I reflected that it was a good thing my parents were not making this trip at their age.

Author: cathykellyphotography

Independent photographer based in Pittsburgh PA and Naples FL. Nature, landscape and portrait photography. Portfolio includes international work in USA, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Email cathykellyphotography@gmail.com to review work in your area of interest. Nature portfolio includes flowers and wildlife. Prints and digital files for sale. See website: www.cathykellyphotography.com.

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