Perspectives on the Calla lily

The calla lily is tall and ever so graceful. As it grows, leaf forms morph into blossoms, and petals unfold in flutes. Green turns to white, and sometimes white turns to pink. Fluted ribbon-like edges join to form a point and sometimes drip with dew. Best of all, these twisting shapes create unique compositions in clusters and from different points of view.

With a fixed 50mm lens and sharp 100 ISO, I photographed the Parfait calla lily in Naples, Florida with a wide open f 3.2 aperture to accentuate different parts of the plant. Looking down from above, the lower blossom makes a strong gesture, suggesting a spiral in a centralized composition.



Now, shooting from the side, sitting in the grass, this view emphasizes the curvature of the petals. This view brings the word “ribbon” to my mind. I love the intense pink color, too. Exposure was 1/125.



In this third view, the shallow depth of field brings the eye to the top blossom in focus, while the two lower blossoms echo the shape (1/100, f.3.2, ISO 100).



Here is one of my earlier calla lily images from Saint Thomas in 2011. The calla lily shapes in front of the oil painting attracted my eye one morning at breakfast.  The abstract yet organic nature of the painting makes an interesting backdrop.





Author: cathykellyphotography

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