Queen’s Bath, Kaua’i

My childhood friend Betsy Bullock had an oil painting in her living room of rough ocean waves and a rocky shore. I felt a strong flashback to that dramatic painting when taking photos at Queen’s Bath in Kaua’i. One morning in the predawn darkness, I hiked down a very steep and muddy trail and out onto a lava shelf  to this location. My sturdy hiking shoes with a good tread did not prevent me from falling and wrenching my knee, as one foot caught on a rock while the other slid forward in a big split. (I could walk okay, but there wouldn’t be many deep knee bends for the rest of the trip.) Anyway, at the water’s edge I set up my tripod to capture some long exposures of the powerful waves. The sky was just beginning to brighten on the horizon, and the clouds provided some interest in the sky. ISO 100, f/16 at 2.5 seconds. Processed in Lightroom 5, Photoshop CC and Nik Color Efex Pro.

Coastline at Queen's Bath at Dawn
Coastline at Queen’s Bath at Dawn

A few minutes later, I captured a more intimate scene by isolating a crashing wave and freezing it at its apex while an earlier wave rippled across the rocky ledge.  I love the color in this shot. My settings were ISO 100, f/16 at 1/8th second.

Crashing wave at Queen's Bath, Kauai.
Crashing wave at Queen’s Bath, Kauai.

My friend Betsy passed away in 1980 at age 24. Betsy, these are for you.

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