My daughter’s wedding dress

Watching my daughter Courtney try on a wedding dress for the first time was a joy. She invited her sister, her dear friend Ella, and me for this special day.  We heard another customer whisper, “That girl brought a professional photographer with her!” referring to me. Funny. Well, she did, but I’m also her mom, and it’s not a paid gig.

Courtney shared this thought about selecting a dress. “All the dresses are beautiful, but I want to select a dress that expresses who I am. You don’t want the dress to wear you. You want to present yourself honestly.”

Do you agree, or do you think a wedding dress creates a fantasy — the fulfillment of a childhood dream, a Cinderella moment, a day to be a princess?

I can’t share photos of my daughter in the dresses. Her look will remain a secret until her wedding day.  But I will share some macro views of the dresses hanging in the sunlit windows of Gabriella’s salon in Chelsea, New York City. I shot with natural light, f /2.8 which allowed me to have selective focus on one dress in the row.