Hiking the Glacier in Iceland

Hiking a glacier in Iceland offers you both serene beauty and real treachery at once. If you are lucky to have a sunny day and a knowledgeable guide, you can focus more on the beauty around you. Here is my photo of Snaefellsjokull, the 4,745 ft. high dormant volcano, which last erupted in A.D. 250.

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You can hear running water from melting below the surface while hiking this glacier, Snaefellsjokull.

While the summit looks close in this photo, it is takes two hours to reach it. (We did not hike to the summit.)

One should never hike this glacier without crampons, an ice pick and a safety belt as well as a buddy, as it is very slick. If you were to fall into a crevice or a hole that leads to an underground river, you may become stuck or drown.

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These American hikers are happy to have survived the north face hike. They are showing off their equipment. You can see their vehicle (where the hike began) in the background.
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Watch your step and avoid these crevices. Hire a guide knows the safer sections of the glacier.

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