Anhinga’s Fresh Catch

This female anhinga caught a catfish that looks almost too big to swallow. She kept adjusting the fish in her beak, perhaps tenderizing it with each chomp, ultimately lining it up to go down the hatch. As she juggled her prey, it was fun to watch.

Female anhinga with catfish in beak, Shark Valley, Everglades National Park, Florida.

Here is another view:

This catfish will soon see the inside of an anhinga, Shark Valley, Everglades National Park.

In Memory of my Friend

Yesterday I received very sad news that my dear friend Cheryl Wilson, age 64, had died on February 10. I have so many happy memories of Cheryl, and I will never understand why she left us so young. I will have to speak to her words of comfort in my prayers.

Cheryl was a talented designer who understood color, scale, harmony and simplicity. She had a contagious laugh, was quick to empathize, and was always ready to help. She understood people well and every day made the world a better place. I will miss her very much.

I am posting this sunset image in her memory with love and heartfelt sorrow. I pray that God brings peace to Cheryl, her family and friends.