Stuck in San Francisco

Yesterday was the first time I missed an international flight, and it will be the last time I will fly with USAirways. Crazy thing happened: we were all in our seats in CLT, ready to push back at 6 pm, and the pilot says he noticed some dents in the tail section of the plane, about the size of golf balls, and they needed to investigate it. next they decide we need to investigate, and that will take time, so we need to get another aircraft. Well, that took three hours, although they never apologized or told us how long it would be. So, we missed the only daily flight to SYD from SFO. Got on the phone and were relieved to get seats on the next day’s flight. here we are about to board, so I have to close very soon. we got to our hotel at 5am our time. very tired and bummed out. However, Charlie and I had an excellent day walking all over sunny San Francisco today. Will blog about that next time. Question for our favorite former pilot Bill: what do you think about the golf ball sized dents in the plane, and do you think it was right not to fly that plane??

Starting with Sydney

I invite you to follow my travel blog during this exciting two-week journey around three beautiful regions of Australia, beginning April 17 when we arrive in Sydney.  Charlie and I fell in love with Sydney two years ago, and we can hardly wait to see that view of Circular Quay, the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the roof of the Intercontinental Hotel, and roam our favorite neighborhood, the Rocks.  We are back again (so soon!) to visit our daughter Erin and travel with her, while she is studying at University of Sydney.  On Wednesday  April 20, we will make a day excursion to the Blue Mountains, which will be a new destination for us, and that evening, Charlie and I are hoping to stay awake for a ballet performance of Madame Butterfly at the Sydney Opera House. On Good Friday, we will fly from Sydney to Ayers Rock in the heart of the Outback and will dine under the stars in the desert that evening while watching the sun set over Uluru. (Photos to come!) On Saturday we will tour Uluru and Kata Tjuta in sunrise and sunset tours (no sleeping in on this trip!). Up again at 4 am on Easter Sunday for a 5 am pickup and ride to Kings Canyon where we will hike and take a few hundred more photos!  We end the day in Alice Springs. On Easter Monday we fly to Cairns and stay in a lovely hotel overlooking the marina. It will be so cool to change overnight from a desert landscape to the most  beautiful seascape in the world! On Tuesday morning we board the Coral Princess for four days and four nights at sea around the Great Barrier Reef. Can’t wait to see the photos taken with my new underwater camera. I will be sending Erin below the surface for this! I don’t want to think about the end of the trip, the return flight to Sydney, the last night there, and the May 1 flight to San Francisco. We will console ourselves with one lovely night in the Ritz Carlton, SF, and then fly cross-country on May 2. So, we won’t think about this. Stay tuned for exciting adventures and photography! How fun to be keeping in touch this way!