Looking forward, looking back

It’s New Year’s Eve, and most of us are wondering what next year will bring. We make resolutions to somehow live a little bit better, and we look back to try to understand what counted most about the year just past. I will start afresh and make my own goals for next year, but I am also thinking that no matter how much planning I do and no matter how much I try to make 2016 unfold in the best way possible, one thing is for sure: there will be surprises.

Looking back on last year, I can identify with a smile the joy that came into our lives most unexpectedly on May 1 — our Australian Shepherd puppy Sophie. As the new year dawned, I had no idea that we would be adding a puppy to our busy lives. Although, it was a major life changing decision, it was an impulsive and emotional decision. It was a good one. Sophie’s sweet and genuine presence has brought me an my family much joy.


More on resolutions later. For now, I wish you happy surprises in 2016. I wish you love. The more you give, the more you get.