Bamburgh Castle Interior

Lord Armstrong did an amazing job restoring Bamburgh Castle and furnishing it with armor, paintings and antique furnishings. The Sony a7rII camera did an amazing job of photographing it in natural light too! (settings ISO 3200, 25mm lens at f/4 and 1/125 and 1/200 second, handheld)

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Magnificent wood ceiling of the Great Hall, Bamburgh Castle, July 2018.
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Delicious detail in the sunlit interior of Bamburgh Castle, in Northumbria, England.

I would just like to say “thank you” for allowing photography in this beautiful castle.

English Castles on the Coast

Newcastle tycoon Lord Armstrong purchased and restored the mighty Bamburgh Castle in 1894, after the castle had suffered 400 years of neglect. The castle’s history includes coronations of the ¬†Northumbrian kings between 1095 and 1464. (Eyewitness Travel: Great Britain.)

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Bamburgh Castle had fallen into obscurity during the Middle Ages, but Lord Armstrong restored it and filled it with art treasures.
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You will find Lord Armstrong’s final resting place inside Bamburgh Castle. The castle wall borders the North Sea. ¬†












Restoration of Lindisfarne Castle

There are times when we travel across the globe only to be hugely disappointed that the monument of our dreams is covered in scaffolding. The U. S. Capitol building in Washington D.C.? The Trevi Fountain in Rome? Well, this time it was Lindisfarne Castle on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne in England. I had admired photos of Lindisfarne Castle online with brilliant colors of sunrise or sunset and high tide surrounding the sky high castle. I had even bought a book on photography in the region.

Fortunately, the castle was reopened to the public on April 1, and I was able to walk the interior. A local shopkeeper told me the scaffolding is much less intrusive than it has been. This old castle gets quite a bit of wind and rain damage from its perch right on the North Sea.

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My views were restricted and obstructed by construction fences, so I hope to return another time.

With a footnote that the above true photo was altered in Photoshop, here is my edited image. It helps us to imagine the site without scaffolding. The timing of my visit was 3pm.

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With scaffolding and fencing removed in Photoshop, the top of the castle is missing, but the scene regains its pastoral beauty.



Sheep on Lindisfarne

How appropriate that I should find sheep grazing on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, since sheep are often used in Bible stories as symbols of the common man in need of a good shepherd. I was able to walk fairly close to this small herd and this one sheep who had wandered off. I must have looked more like a wolf than a shepherd, because the sheep were calling out, “Baaaaah.”



Sheep need to avoid eating this beautiful blue flower, Viper’s Bugloss, that grows wild in England, because its burrs can become lodged in the throat, often creating the need for extraction or even surgery. Burrs aside, the flowers affect the sheep’s liver.

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This Viper’s Bugloss was growing alongside the Lindisfarne Castle. It’s not good for the sheep to eat

I learned about these beautiful yet troublesome flowers in the Poison Garden of Alnwick Castle, which is also located in Northumberland, on the northeast coast of England.

Ready for the U.K.?

I’ve been busy reading and preparing for my upcoming trip to Edinburgh, Scotland and Newcastle, England. Ideas were swirling ’round and ’round in my head as I was trying to fall asleep last night. How many castles, cathedrals and closes will I explore? Will I rely on the train, or will I be bumbling ’round Northumberland on the left side of the road? Will I have time to see the Firth of Forth, or will I be distracted by cashmere on Princes Street?

If you haven’t subscribed to this blog, now might be a good time. I’m feeling inspired!

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Saying good-bye to the lupines in Pennsylvania, as I pack my bags for an adventure in Scotland and northern England.