Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

Next week, I’ll be back in the Big Apple, and I’m looking forward to seeing New York’s iconic sights again. Looking back at the images I have made in past years, I came across this 2013 black and white photograph that celebrates the geometry of the Brooklyn Bridge.

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While walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, I looked up and noticed the patterns made by the cables.

This style is a departure from the vibrant sunsets and colorful birds I have been shooting in Florida, but this subject begs for black-and-white interpretation with its emphasis on pattern.

Next week, I’ll wander no farther than Central Park with my young grandchildren, newborn and not yet 2. But Central Park in the Spring is something special. Stay tuned!


Happy Flag Day 2017

This bald eagle basically begged me to take his photo by perching atop this American flag and a brass bald eagle in Naples, Florida. Happy to share the good news that Bald Eagles are thriving in Southwest Florida and Alaska, too, by my observation.

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Bald Eagle paired with the Stars and Stripes in Naples, Florida.

Tragedy in Nice

My heart goes out to the families who were innocent victims of unspeakable cruelty on Bastille Day in Nice, France. We must pray for peace and for God to heal this violent society we live in.

As I lie awake last night, not sleeping, I thought back on time my daughter Courtney and I were on Boulevard des Anglais in Nice 10 years ago when families were crowding the same space in a similar way. It was the finals of the World Cup between France and Italy. Here are a few photos I took that evening.

A reflective moment on the water’s edge in Nice, France. July 18, 2006.

This image of the man resting by his flag on the beach in Nice still resonates with me.

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Father and son support France in World Cup Final, Nice, 2006
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Crowd in Nice for World Cup Final, 2006, near Boulevard des Anglais as seen from Meridian Hotel.
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World Cup Final was a family affair for the people of Nice, 2006. Game was televised on a big screen.
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Evening ends peacefully in Nice, July 2006, as fans crowding Boulevard des Anglais watch World Cup Final on big screen.