The jade bracelet, a family thing.

Jade bracelets are a Chinese custom, but we adopted them within our American family after a 2005 family visit to China. Because jade absorbs body chemistry, it becomes one with you if you wear it 24/7 — thus the evolution of the theme of family continuity in a jade bracelet. Each jade bracelet is unique, yet we all feel a bond to each other as each woman in our family wears one.

This photo commemorates a family reunion with my mother, now 96, myself and two of my daughters — three generations of strong, loving women in my family.  The diamond art-deco ring is another family heirloom passed down from my mother to me.

Do you share symbols of solidarity in your family? Perhaps because we live in different cities and at times each of my daughters has lived overseas. We find both comfort and joy in having our own unity symbol.