A Girl in PJs

Now that this pretty girl in PJs has survived her lung transplant, she has a lot to smile about. Her mom told me that she was never able to go swimming or enjoy many of the activities that healthy kids do, because she was on oxygen her whole life. Now she can.

Clear skies ahead for this brave girl who looks forward to life with a new pair of lungs.
The miracles of modern medicine have given this young girl a better life. She is looking forward to a happy future.

Meeting this patient was a meaningful experience for me. Our meeting caused me to reflect on what we take for granted, and why we ever feel sorry for ourselves. In these photos, I hope you read inspiration too.

Time out for life

Sometimes you have to drop all your routine activities and focus on family. Last week, when my daughter Caitlin went into labor to deliver her first baby was one of the those times. I packed my car the next morning and drove 8 hours from Pittsburgh to New York City, hoping to see my first grandchild on the day she was born. While I inched along in traffic approaching the Lincoln Tunnel, Caitlin called my cell phone. “We have a new Kelly girl,” she announced with equal parts pride and joy. (Caitlin and her two sisters were affectionately known as the Kelly girls.)

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Just a few hours after giving birth, my daughter admires her newborn baby girl.

It was so exciting to hold my first grandchild just a few hours after she came into the world. God gave us all a beautiful gift, and our hearts are filled with love.

June 16, 2016

Looking forward, looking back

It’s New Year’s Eve, and most of us are wondering what next year will bring. We make resolutions to somehow live a little bit better, and we look back to try to understand what counted most about the year just past. I will start afresh and make my own goals for next year, but I am also thinking that no matter how much planning I do and no matter how much I try to make 2016 unfold in the best way possible, one thing is for sure: there will be surprises.

Looking back on last year, I can identify with a smile the joy that came into our lives most unexpectedly on May 1 — our Australian Shepherd puppy Sophie. As the new year dawned, I had no idea that we would be adding a puppy to our busy lives. Although, it was a major life changing decision, it was an impulsive and emotional decision. It was a good one. Sophie’s sweet and genuine presence has brought me an my family much joy.


More on resolutions later. For now, I wish you happy surprises in 2016. I wish you love. The more you give, the more you get.