Sylvia Leo’s Quilts

My friend Sylvia is enjoying a quiet life in Pittsburgh, where she raised two children and spends time with her husband Peter, a talented writer and writing coach, now retired. Sylvia’s creative mind is extraordinary, and she creates beautiful original quilts. I think her talent should be sung from the mountaintop.

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Sylvia Leo, creator of unique fanciful quilts

I have photographed about a dozen of these imaginative works for Sylvia when she entered several of them in an international competition and exhibit. We took the next step and made her a variety of notecards that featured the quilt photos, and I couldn’t help taking her portrait too. We have been friends for about 36 years.

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Sylvia Leo’s quilt: what do you see in this design?

The photographs of her work give Sylvia comfort, because it is hard for her to think about letting go. She has poured so much of herself into them, it is hard for her to think of selling them. But the time may come for her works to be bought and displayed to a wider audience. Should Sylvia and her quilts part company, she will always have these images.

I know you will admire Sylvia’s uniqueness.

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Sylvia Leo’s quilt: shapes, patterns, and colors
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Sylvia Leo’s quilt: playful cubism
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Sylvia Leo’s tree quilt


Welcome Winter

Finally, a dusting of snow! My next wish is for a good six inches to close schools and cover the landscape with a blanket of fresh whiteness. If it’s going to be cold, and we have to bundle up, would’t it be more fun to have snow?  Yes! When the trees are bare,  and the dog is muddy, let’s at least enjoy some scenic beauty!

Here’s a favorite snow photo of mine from December 8, 2009.

Snowy tree with a perfect blue sky
Snowy tree with a perfect blue sky

That morning I toured my Sewickley neighborhood (near Pittsburgh, PA) and shot lots of beautiful snowy house photos in addition to my usual landscape subjects. Then, I made them into personalized note cards for friends.

Snow day as a perfect day for a house photo.
Snow day as a perfect day for a house photo.

Any of my images can be made into notecards upon request. Shoot me an email, if you’d like me to shoot your house in snow, or if you’d like some notecards of a snowy scene for your holiday thank you notes.