Do you love Pittsburgh?

Pittsburghers are crazy in love with their sports teams, but we are pumped about the vitality of our city as a whole too. On a sunny summer day, you will find boats in the three rivers, families enjoying Point State Park near the fountain, and restaurants buzzing with activity. You can take in an aerial view without a drone from the lookout on Mount Washington, where I shot this photo.

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My own artistic interpretation of the Pittsburgh skyline, as seen from Mount Washington.

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Be sure to tune in tonight to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins battle for Stanley Cup: Game 6!

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Reflecting Chicago

Chicago’s public sculpture “Cloud Gate” — nicknamed “the bean” — is always swarmed with visitors admiring its distorted reflections. The Chicago skyline and one’s own reflection inevitably compete for your attention.

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On a frigid Sunday afternoon in Chicago, tourists gather around Cloud Gate (the bean) in Millennium Park. Photo opportunities are endless.

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I wonder if the British artist Anish Kapoor knew it would be such a powerful people magnet when he welded 168 stainless steel plates seamlessly. His work was dedicated in 2006.

Take me out to the ballgame

The experts say PNC Park is one of most beautiful major league baseball park in America. My experience is limited to about 7 ballparks, but I think the experts must be right this time. A sunny summer evening watching the Pittsburgh Pirates at home is one of life’s finer pleasures.

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Panorama of PNC Park with evening view of the Pittsburgh skyline

Baseball is one of those great American traditions that hasn’t changed much over the generations.* But the parks keep getting nicer. The Pirates started at Forbes Field (which was torn down), shared Three Rivers Stadium with the Steelers from 1970 to 2000, and finally have a proper ball park with a fabulous view of a beautiful skyline. Having lived in Pittsburgh for the past 28 years, I might be biased. What do you think?


*This would be a great prompt for a heated discussion!

Celebrate Pittsburgh with its Skyline

Today is a perfect day to celebrate Pittsburgh and its spirited people, as the Steelers enter a playoff game where most fans have serious doubts about a positive outcome. The Steeler Nation is still behind the team — either in person or via television all over the world. Today’s game might well be the last game of the Steeler season, which is a big deal in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh has a pretty fabulous skyline, thanks to the geography of the Three Rivers, at least two successful Renaissance transformations and a currently vibrant local economy. And Pittsburghers never get enough of that skyline.

As a gift to the ever positive people of Pittsburgh, I bring you some summer night skyline images from the North Shore on a special evening when I expected the full moon to rise over the Golden Triangle. The moon rose on cue, of course, but clouds hid the moon from me for all but about 5 minutes that evening. Patience paid off. In this first image, you can see the Fort Duquesne Bridge on the left and the Fort Pitt Bridge on the right. Lots of history here (at Fort Pitt at the Point), dating back to George Washington and the Revolutionary War.

To capture the high dynamic range, I fused three images together.
To capture the high dynamic range, I fused three images together.

Here is a closer view of the fountain at Point State Park where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers form the Ohio River. The full moon features more prominently.

The Point at Pittsburgh, PA
The Point at Pittsburgh, PA

Lastly, let’s take a turn with creativity. A ten-second exposure captures enough light to make the sky appear blue, and I’ve dropped in a larger moon, taken that night from another exposure when I zoomed the lens in to 200mm. The moon wasn’t this big in relation to the buildings, but the moon was the reason I waited alone on the wharf for 90 minutes, so I personally like to see it big! I think it is AOK to play with the moon size, as long as the photographer is honest about it.  Journalists can’t do this, but I am wearing my artist hat now. As an artist, I would also only play with elements captured that evening. I might be creative, but not crazy with my choices.

Artistic rendition of the moon rise with larger moon added in post processing.
Artistic rendition of the moon rise with larger moon added in post processing.

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