Summer’s Bounty

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After I arranged summer’s bounty in this heart shaped plate, I realized it would make a nice photograph.

As Summer turns to Fall, we will soon turn the cameras toward the foliage. But not before we remember the beauty and fresh taste of our summer harvest.

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Farmers’ Markets: Vietnam and Thailand

My readers asked about my Farmers’ Market photographs from international locations, so I looked up a few to share with you. I enjoy seeing the locals going about their everyday lives as well as the beauty of the food on display. Here are a few scenes from Vietnam and Thailand, shot in 2008.

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Fruit vendors walk the streets in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Here is a scene from an ancient rural village, Hoi An, Vietnam.

Market day in Hoi An, Vietnam.

In Bangkok, Thailand, vendors display their wares on boats in the canals.

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Floating market in Bangkok is busy with small boats laden with vegetables.
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Scallions arrive by the truckload in Bangkok’s vegetable and flower market.


Farmers’ Market

Last Saturday I discovered the Farmers’ Market in Union Square, New York City. As my family walked ahead of me, I lingered, taking photos. For me, it was a feast for the eyes, and the highlight of my day.

I love to photograph farmers’ markets in cities all over the world — from Hoi An, Vietnam to Yichang, China. Who knew that our own mega metropolis New York would present itself with such artistry?

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Eggplant share their color and texture. The stems catch my eye.
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A square crop seems to complement this collection of irregular spheres. Ripening in the sun, these tomatoes are warm, not long off the vine.


For the New Yorkers buying this week’s fresh vegetables and flowers, Union Square on Saturday morning was a pleasurable outdoor grocery shopping experience. For me it was even more.

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